What could be more pleasant than silently drifting along on the tranqil waters of local rivers, lakes, and estuaries? There are a wide choice of waterways in the Central Queensland area to explore, from small creeks to wide rivers, and coastal islands.
 Some of the waterways in the area include….
  • Fitzroy River
  • Boyne River
  • Calliope River
  • Waterpark Creek
  • Alligator Creek
  • Hedlow Creek
  • Causeway Lake
  • Keppel Islands
  • Mount Morgan Dam
  • Raglan Creek
  • Capricorn Coast
Fitzroy Canoe Club members sometime enjoy canoe touring trips from a half day paddle to full day and weekend camps. Quiet paddles on often beautiful waterways, while observing undisturbed wildlife, is a terrific stress reliever.  Canoe touring allows you to enjoy nature with the added bonus of keeping fit.
Contact the club to find out about upcoming trips.

                The Beautiful Fitzroy River